How to Fix Outlook 2016 Search Issues?

Outlook 2016 mail applications allows a customize search for finding mails with better results. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to execute search, especially after downloading the updates. Hence, you recently updated Outlook 2016 version you might be facing the search problem on your windows PC.

Outlook comes with MS office package run along with other apps, but sometimes due to improper installation or other issues search algorithmic doesn’t works. In respect of the same, we brought here how to fix outlook 2016 search problems with right approach.

When No Result found in search box

Outlook search helps to find a particular mail, message or attachments using certain criterion with customize navigation through the mails and other contents efficiently. The search malfunctions comes due to either improper outputs or blank results.

Actually, when the search tool stops working it would either show search results up to particular date or will display there are items filtered on search criteria lined up in the output panel. At this moment you will notice a problem with indexing services of windows.

Fix Outlook 2016 Search Issues

Outlook 2016 Marked for Indexing

If search result is blank, then it might be very much possible that outlook is not able to check its files into data for indexing. Hence, to check Microsoft outlook 2016 provides an easy way to analyze if the mailbox is indexed or not indexed. If you don’t know how to analyze the mail indexing in outlook then go for outlook technical support for online help.

Corrupted OST and PST

Mail search not working in Outlook 2016 might be possible due to corruption of PST and OST files. You need to analyze the file and repair it using ScanPST.exe, this is a kind of repair tool called “Inbox Repair Tool” comes with all versions of the MS outlook email client. Now open File Explorer window, and open this PC option to type ‘ScanPST.exe’ in the search box. When you will run this tool it will repair any corrupted or damaged PST and OST files on your system.

Rebuilding MS Outlook 2016 Index for search results

Rebuilding the index will help search properly and show relevant results. To rebuild MS outlook search index, click on the File menu and select the options and then go for search visible on the left side of the window. Now on indexing options button and then click on advanced options windows click on index setting tab and then press rebuild button on screen window. If you need assistance for rebuilding outlook index Outlook 2016 help is open for quick online assistance.

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Fixing Outlook 2016 Search Issues, or Indexing Errors

If outlook search is not working properly the actual reason behind this could be corruption of file. However, such files can be repaired with the help of third-party Outlook PST Repair Software. Such tools or software are available in the market and helps to repair the PST files and recovers all possible data out it allowing search feature to work properly and get right results.

After repairing such files you would be easily able to see the results and this tool will also help you repair the other features of Outlook mail or bring the PST files accessible if they got damaged due to some reasons. PST file that is encrypted it will affect the search results and this tool will also fix this issue and also support data file recovery of outlook encrypted. And despite all these efforts if your problem in not solved, you can call at Microsoft Outlook support number to get online assistance for outlook related various issues.

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