How do I fix the Outlook 365 email search?

Outlook email also provide search option to find various types of mails filtering with name, mail id, subjects and contents into the mail body etc. However, sometimes it not works accordingly and shows irrelevant search results or you face an error instead of right outcome.

The reason behind the outlook search could be anything like search function disabled, or outlook files are not indexed completely or the attached files are too large. And apart from these factors there could be multiple other issues, that shows a problem while mail search. But don’t worry we are right here to help you to fix the Outlook 365 email search problem. Below you can find three best ways to fix the Outlook 365 email search problem.

First Method – Enable Outlook Mail Search

Steps involved in first method is first select “Start and type “CMD” and do a right-click a “Command Prompt” then choose “run as administrator”.

To run as an administrator with right user name and password that allows access to desktop. Now type “sc config wsearch start=auto”, hit “enter”, you will see a message “SUCCESS”. And now finally type “net start wsearch”, press “enter” and you will receive a message that the searching service is started on your outlook mail. Here if you need help outlook email support is open for you to resolve such issues remotely.

fix the Outlook 365 email search not working

Second Method – Allow Mail Search having attached Files

This method helps to enable the outlook mail search. In outlook select the “File” to choose “option” and go to “search” option. Now choose “indexing options” “Modify and uncheck “Microsoft outlook” select “close when done.

Go to file and then account setting to choose data files tab and write the “location” for “OST” file and then go to specified folder.

Close your outlook and using “windows explorer” go to the folder where the OST files are located. Basically location is “C:UsersyourusernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook“. Then highlight all the OST files in the folder (Hold the “CTRL” button to click and select all).

Now go to properties and select advanced button, do check the option Allow this file to have contents indexed in addition to File propertiesoption if it is not checked previously then click OK. And open your outlook to go back to file location and then options to search and then indexing options, now click on modify and recheck outlook and select close when done.

Third Method – Rebuilding of Index on Outlook

Under this method you have to rebuild the index to fix your outlook searching issues. To apply this method you need to go to file menu and open search. Now select the indexing options in search section and once indexing options dialog box appears, you have to select advanced option where you need administration rights to access this section. Now click the rebuild button to begin rebuilding your index to solve searching problem in outlook. However if your problem is solved you can also call to Microsoft office tech support number for online help.


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